Medical pre-assessment -
Self assessment

This test will determine how you are covered by your insurance if you fall ill or if you are injured while traveling. Please be aware that it may take up to 5 working days to process your case.

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Test before travelling

At the earliest you can take the test 2 months before your planned departure.

The test has two results:

  • You have a full medical coverage.
  • You have to contact us in order for us to assess coverage.

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Good advice

Travel distance- and destination may affect your health
When you book a travel you should consider if the travel destination and means of transport can be damaging to your health. For instance, in some cases travelling by car, bus, train or by boat can be a better means of transport for you than a long flight.

If you have an exotic destination in mind, heat andd humidity may not be good for your health. Which activities are included? Do you need to walk much or be active in other capacities? Those questions are important to consider, and most travel agencies are helpful when it comes to personal guidance.

In some cases we make an automated assessment of coverage to determine how your insurance covers for illness and injuries. When we make the medical pre-assessment, we automatically compare the information provided by you- including health information- with your insurance conditions. You will be granted either full coverage or referred to contact us.