Make your claim

Below you can claim cancellation of your trip, baggage delay, transport delay, illness, injury, and curtailment. Click on the type of claim you wish to make.

Emergency Assistance

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Trip cancellation

If you had to cancel your trip.

Before making your claim, please cancel your travel with the airline company or travel agency. Remember to ask if you will get any refund, including taxes and fees.

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Lost Baggage

If your baggage has gone missing or has been stolen, please contact the claims department via e-mail or by phone +45 7010 7770.

If your baggage is delayed, you can report it under the following point.

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Delayed Baggage

If your baggage was delayed upon arrival at your destination, and you have had to make reasonable and necessary replacement purchases.

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Flight delay and late arrival

If you were late for your means of transport.

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Medical Expenses and Medical Transportation

If you become ill or get injured on your travel and have had additional expenses for:

  • Medical treatment, medicine, transportation, telephone calls to and/or from our alarm centre.
  • Additional expenses for repatriation.
  • Escort expenses. I.e. additional costs for your travel companions in connection with your illness/injury.
  • Summoning expenses. I.e. costs your relatives have had in connection with being summoned from Denmark due to your illness/injury.

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Compassionate emergency repatriation

If you had to interrupt your travel and have had additional expenses in this connection.

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Crisis coverage – Evacuation

If you were evacuated and had any extra expenses.

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If you have a claim concerning: Medical malpractice, replacement employee, personal liability, death/disability, accident or life insurance, please contact us at +45 70 22 90 67 or